Solid color sheets

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Solid color sheets free colors

Clear tastes and no room for half measures: these are the characteristics of those who choose solid color sheets.
Solid color means no indecision but it is also true that you can change linens whenever you feel like, by opting for another shade depending on the tone you wish to give to the environment. 
Red, black, purple, blue, white: these sheets borrow the rainbow, by giving to linens saturated, bright and intense colors, that do not fade with washings thanks to the Gabel quality warranty.
Queen size and twin beds will be lighten up by brush strokes of colors that are able to give life to your most intimate passions and needs. Every color has a meaning for each of us, every nuance brings us back to old memories, every shade can give us unique sensations. By choosing this bedding, we can emphasize the particular features of a bedroom and adapt it to the style that we prefer, whether it be vintage, modern, classic or minimalist. These sheets won't certainly betray those who love the house. 

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