Lilac sheets

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Lilac sheets flowers in you bed

Among the palest colors lilac stands out for its delicacy and the harmony that lavishes. Halfway between the sweetness of pink and the vividness of blue, the solid lilac sheets represent a good compromise for those who want to give a touch of originality to their room.
These evocative sheets tell of flowering and fragrant fields and recall sensations of softness, by guaranteeing at the same time the quality of certified and safe fabrics, thanks to the toxic substances-free colors.
According to the chromotherapy, lilac is one the most suitable colors for a bedroom, since its soothing nuances facilitate sleep and relaxation.  Being caressed by this soft linens will be like treating yourself to a daily cuddle and indulging in a moment of happiness and tenderness.
Whether it comes to queen size bed sheets or single linens, this color is able to interpret every need and to gently accompany us into the world of dreams. 

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