Colored sheets

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Colored sheets a touch of fantasy

Those who want to give life to their bedroom will probably opt for colored sheets.
Shades, polka dots or solid colors: each color variation can make one's own bed a real furnishing element, not less important than walls or furnitures. As they were a leap in a color palette, a canvas with bright and vivid drawings or colored by pastel tints, these sheets, available for single and queen size beds, are able to suit every design need, by adapting themselves to any style you would choose. Vintage, modern, classic: there are so many colors that you will surely find the one that best reflects and strengthens the personality of your home and tells the tastes of those who live there.
Do not worry about colors that fade away with time, because Gabel produces resistant-to-washing bed linens, realized with certified and safe substances.
Take care of your habitat, tune in to the frequencies of your desires and translate them into rainbows with whom to paint the places you love the most. 

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  • Clear tastes and no room for half measures: these are the characteristics of those who choose solid color sheets.
    Solid color means no indecision but it is also
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  • Those who want to light up and warm up their own bedroom by adding a touch of intense and bright color, cannot but chose red sheets.
    Symbol of passion par excel
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  • Each color has its own peculiarity and, according to its different shades, it matches differently with the spaces. One of the most chosen colors for the...