Single sheets

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Sheets for single beds

Sheets overlay the place dedicated to rest and relaxation and, for this reason, it is important that they are made of fabrics that are safe, guaranteed, long-lasting, resistant, functional and comforting.
Gabel is able to fulfill these needs and, for this aim, produces an ample variety of single sheets: practical, comfortable and enjoyable.
Whether you like weaves with simple or more elaborate patterns, intense or subtle colours or whether you look for comfort or elegance, our bedding lines suit you: our sheets satisfy any kind of tastes and preferences, because a bedroom has to represent, first of all, our essence, to let us always be at ease in the spaces that we live.
Single sheets, as all types of sheets, live with us, accompany our biological rhythms, know our body's shapes and take care of them, occupy one of the most intimate space, the one where we are just ourselves, without any pretense.

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