Queen size bed sheets

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Sheets for queen size beds

Queen size bed sheets characterize a fundamental phase of a person’s life, especially from an emotional and affective point of view.
Their purchase is often tied, in fact, to an important choice, such as a house, a turning point within a relationship or, more simply, the desire of sleeping more comfortably in a double bed. For this reason, the linen is enriched by new values, by giving a real imprint to one’s own bed.
Sheets doesn’t just trace the style of a room, but attach also new meanings to the space. Whether it be precious fabrics, refined cotton, delicate pastels or intense colors, sheets frame our lives and help us reading the meanings that we confer to the places that we live.
Queen size and double bed sheets tell about a shared place, about a safe bed where to greet the loved ones, about a just started story or an unfinished love.

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