Bed sheets features

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Sheets many features at your disposal

Gabel proposes bed sheets with different features, in order to satisfy all your tastes and to meet disparate necessities.
You can choose among fitted sheets or bedcovers; but also anti-mite bedding, conceived for those who suffer from dust allergies; sheets easy to tuck in; and no-iron bedding, created to give the opportunity to have a fresh and not creased bed to all of those who do not have time to do domestic chores or cannot do it for health reasons.
In addition, our bed sheets are available in many patterns and textures or in embroidered version, to fit diverse feelings and climates: flowers, hearts, animals, flags and much more, so that each night could turn in a fantastic trip towards infinity.

  • No-iron sheets are an out-and-out solution for those people who are unable to iron for time constraints or health problems, but can also satisfy the necessities
  • Everybody loves to chase his own passions. Those who love cats know very well they cannot get along without them: so, they cannot let the opportunity of decorat
  • While sleeping our fantasy runs wild towards unexplored territories and new experiences, as it was a horse in boundless prairies. Thanks to our bedding line...