No iron sheets

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No-iron sheets

No-iron sheets are an out-and-out solution for those people who are unable to iron for time constraints or health problems, but can also satisfy the necessities of those who prefer to optimize time and to save energy. In any case this type of bedding provides a great help in the daily chores.
The everyday hectic life imposes tight schedules and ironing takes a long time away from relax, work or other activities. No-iron sheets not only constitute the perfect answer to these problems, saving us a lot of effort, but are also soft, fresh and comfortable once they have been laid out on the bed, without creating those annoying and unsightly creases that many of us do not tolerate!
No-ironing linen gives a particular elasticity to sheets and pillowcases, enables you to keep the bed always in order and well wrapped, allowing you, at the same time, a great freedom of movement. 

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