Hearts sheets

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Sheets with hearts a romantic rest

The heart feeds on emotions and nourishes those important moments that we wish to keep in memory.
Our sheets with hearts bring with them all the warmth and the color that you need to rest in harmony and to share the most intimate space with the people you love. The warm tones of the fabrics evoke strong feelings, making passion and sweetness tangible.
The simple shapes of a heart will not be just portrayed on the sheets by Gabel through the traditional shades of reds, but will be converted into new and original expressions. So, a heart can be originated from the union of two fingerprints, as they were kindred souls that touch one another, or from a starry sky to admire from the comfort of your bed.
Those who choose this linens set will find sheets, pillowcases, blankets, quilts and duvet covers.

The bed is the natural habitat of all those couples in love with cuddles and caresses. 

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