Floral sheets

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Floral sheets an immersion in nature

Our bed is the fertile ground irrigated by dreams. Here we bloom wellness and seed healthy rest.
By letting yourself be enveloped by floral sheets, the sleep time will be enriched by soothing colors and soft natural details, thanks to high definition prints.
While using these floral linens you will seem to be able to smell the scent of the flowers, to touch each petal and to finally dedicate yourself to relaxation in full harmony with nature. Between the sheets you will live a pleasant feeling of peace and serenity, without forsaking the certainty of the excellent quality of the fabrics.
The Planet Flowers bed linen line allows you to totally immerse yourself in the nature and in its most varied colors: from the relaxing light blue, through the intense fuchsia to get to the most delicate and velvety shades of pink and cream.

Nurturing a dream has never been easier. 

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