Cats sheets

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Cats and kittens on your bedding

Everybody loves to chase his own passions. Those who love cats know very well they cannot get along without them: so, they cannot let the opportunity of decorating the bedroom with sheets dedicated to their fury friends get away.
If you want to give liveliness to your bed or to the bed of a child, surround yourselves with textures and bedding that recall your beloved cats and kittens. The bedroom will become an explosion of sweetness and the sheets will evoke those feelings that only animals are able to transmit.
Lazy and sleepy cats or kittens looking for cuddles and caresses: everyone recognizes himself in some of their attitude.
If you are searching for a gift, the sheets by Gabel are the best one for those who have a "scratchy" or a cuddlesome spirit.
Sleeping between the purr of a cat will be the ideal start for a peaceful and serene sleep. After all, you're never too old to be pampered. 

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