Bedcover sheets

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Sheets for bedcover

Bedcover sheets represent the first visible layer of each bed, a business card that is able to tell something about our bedroom and about us.
The bed is perceived as a very intimate element of the domestic life, the sweetest corner of a house, that is often accessible for curious guests and relatives. The bedcover is that component of bedding that connects the public dimension to the private one, it is the last filter that separates one’s own shelter from the other’s people look.
Sheets absorb the habits and the style of a house and, so, are able to recount something about a room or a family; they are pages of a diary on which every day we leave our impressions. And if one day these sheets will no longer suit us, we can easily change them.
For those who are not very reserved, bed and sheets can become a real reason for display since they recall personal tastes, whether they are polished or original. By giving room to fantasy and sensitivity, a bedcover sheet can grant elegance, color and refinement to our beds.

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