American flag sheets

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Sheets with the American flag

Thanks to the sheets by Gabel dedicated to the American flag, the American dream can relive on your bed.
The stars portrait a night sky, adorned by idols, legends and goals to pursuit, while the white and red stripes seem to accompany you to reach them through colored horizontal paths.
As the United States represent a melting pot of life styles, cultures and people, our sheets are a collage of colors that recall a world that appears so far away, but that becomes closer through this evocative bed linens line. So, the bedroom can turn in a place where to remember a past trip or to nourish the desire of a journey still to make. Anyway, these bedding will allow you to immerse yourself in the most modern, stimulating and stylish reality.
And as in the States, by sleeping on these sheets everything can be possible and all dreams can become true.  

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