Cotton sheets

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Cotton sheets 100% natural

When one thinks about cotton sheets, very probably will call to mind sensations of freshness and clean and a smell of laundry.
Cotton is the most used fabric for sheets’ manufacturing, thanks to its resistance and its ease of being washed. But not every type of cotton is the same: there are, in fact, those made of 100% cotton, those made of percale or satin.
All sheets by Gabel are made of pure cotton and are processed with a revolutionary and permanent heat-treatment that bestows the typical scent of the freshly laundered linen.
The used dyes give life to sheets with intense, brilliant and washing-resistant colors, endowed with a quality certification that guarantees the absence of harmful substances.
Our products are realized in full accordance with the requirements for the human health protection during the entire production chain. In addition, one of our linen lines, called Naturae, support WWF and its “100 Oasis”.

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