Bed sheets fabric

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Bed sheets many types of fabric

Bed sheets by Gabel are proposed in different fabric models: each of them is made with care and passion, in order to offer you only the best quality and features and to meet your tastes, by adapting itself to multiple needs.
Flannel, cotton, linen blend, satin and percale will cover your bed by giving unforgettable sensation of freshness, comfort and thermic well-being, and will transform each moment of relax in an unbelievably pleasant experience.
Breathable and soft, resistant and long-lasting, the used textiles and the bedding manufacturing determine, together with other factors, the excellence of our products.

Choose the bed sheet you prefer.


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  • La parola lenzuola deriva dal latino e significa di lino. Questa premessa la dice lunga sulla longevità di questo materiale, il lino è infatti una delle...
  • If you want a touch of class for your bedroom, satin sheets constitute undoubtedly the most suitable choice.
    They are not simple sheets, but fabrics that assign
  • Satin is the ideal fabric for those seeking something that gives the bedroom a more refined look.The bedding is just as important as the furniture, both in the
  • Flannel sheets for queen size beds envelop and color the bedroom with one of the softest and most comforting fabrics: pure cotton flannel.
    Those who love warm a
  • The percale is a type of medium weight fabric, made with very thin yarns of cotton or polyester, sometimes mixed together. Finesse and compactness, the main cha
  • When one thinks about cotton sheets, very probably will call to mind sensations of freshness and clean and a smell of laundry.
    Cotton is the most used fabric fo