Queen size quilts

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Queen-size quilt colored or monochrome

Quilts are comfortable blankets to cover a bed during the winter and summer seasons. Hot cover during the cold, slight veil on hot summer nights, queen-size quilts are perfect at any time.

Available in a multitude of colours and patterns, these blankets are accessories that easily combine with other selected elements of the household linen.
The quilts have hypoallergenic polyester, wool or goose paddings. They are covered with carefully finished outer woven fabrics with topstitching and rounded corners. The softness of the pure cotton percale or the beauty of an iridescent jacquard add a touch of originality in the sleeping area, enhancing the decor of the bedroom.

Free your imagination and choose among our collection the combinations that best suit your personal taste, coordinating a quilt set with the sheets and pillows you prefer.

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