Queen size quilt

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Queen-size quilts for winter and summer

The design of the sleeping area expresses dreams and desires of the place which is devoted to rest and intimacy. A quilt for a queen-size bed completes the look of the room and it is useful all over the year, in the winter or in the summer, depending on the weight.

A quilt is a blanket made with hypoallergenic materials such as polyester or merino wool, so that you can feel pampered in a sweet and gentle embrace of softness. Carefully woven, colored or monochrome, they can be coordinated with a linen set which includes traditional or fitted sheets, pillowcases and duvet cover.

Geometric patterns, abstract sketches and romantic floral prints characterize each quilt. Fluffy and soft surfaces that become real trendy accessories, even if you have to dress a French bed.

You can choose among a multitude of motifs and fabrics, so that you can customize your bed with the shades which suit you and the style of your home.

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