Double bed quilts

  • trapunte

Quilts for double bed for summer and winter

The bedroom is a place of intimacy and dreams where you can restore body and mind from the daily tiredness. Pamper yourself in a soft bed quilt and feel again ready to face a new day.

Made out of iridescent or pastel colors fabrics, these double quilts are lightweight for summer or heavy for winter. They cheer the night's rest and are furnishing accessories coordinated with the other bed linen. The padding is made of non-allergenic polyester fiber, merino wool and silk or goose feathers, depending on the desired weight.

Floral patterns or abstract and geometric designs characterize the outer fabric realized in pure cotton percale, woven madapolam or jacquard. Each quilt is enhanced by careful finishes.

Thousand shades quilts can be combined with double bed set by matching their colours or creating original contrasts, and giving harmony and balance to the sleeping area.

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