Bed quilt sizes

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Quilt many possible sizes

A bed quilt by Gabel is a high-quality product. Available in various sizes, it has been designed to adapt itself to your most different needs and to those of your home furniture.
For single, double, full or queen-size bed, and for cribs, it will easily integrate itself to all your furnishing, both in a functional and in an aesthetic way, by giving it a touch of elegance, creativity and personality.
Offered in many diverse models and colors, besides fitting perfectly in with the tones and the style of your rooms, these bed quilts offer also the possibility of being coordinated with the rest of the bed linen items.
Soft, fluffy and hygienically certified, they will become irreplaceable partners for your sweetest dreams.

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  • The bedroom is a place of intimacy and dreams where you can restore body and mind from the daily tiredness. Pamper yourself in a soft bed quilt and feel again r
  • The design of the sleeping area expresses dreams and desires of the place which is devoted to rest and intimacy. A quilt for a queen-size bed completes the look
  • During the summer and winter it is nice to share the sensation of heat given by a double bed quilt. It is like a warm embrace which let you feel protected so...