Goose down quilt

  • trapunte

Goose down quilt for sweet charming nights

During the winter, a goose down quilt is the ideal place to spend the night wrapped in warm embrace. These quilts are padded with soft feather which are considered the most suitable for keeping constant body temperature and for the rest.

The goose down bed quilt is hypoallergenic and absorbs moisture, so that it allows perspiration and ensures you a peaceful and restoring sleep.

Available in a multitude of colors and patterns such as floral or geometric motifs, country or modern style, this bed linens item is matchable with the other elements of your bedding and creates a harmonious mix of colours and sensations.

Softness and comfort are the characteristics that make a goose down quilt suited to cold temperatures and easy to use, because it is made out of  pure cotton percale tightly woven so to prevent the dispersion of goose feathers outside.

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