Bed quilt household linen

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Quilt for queen size and single beds

Being wrapped in a soft quiltis like standing in a warm embrace. There you will feel free to dream and travel with the imagination. Bright colours and finely woven fabrics characterize our rich collection of quilts, designed for every need and taste.

Enriched with floral designs, geometric lines or made ​​out of monochrome fabric, a quilt enhances the style of a bed and makes it comfortable and capable of reflecting the tastes and trends of today. Coordinates with a same colour set and with the rest of the household linen, a quilt adds charm and elegance to the bedroom which is the place for relaxation and intimacy.

This type of blanket is padded with hypoallergenic polyester fiber or merino wool and silk. It is carefully finished with rounded corners and special jacquard weaving. It is available in plain or patterned.

Besides the adults' room, we also thinks up the beds of the younger ones. We personalize the quilt and the bed set with faces and images of their heroes, such as Hello Kitty, Trudi and Scooby-Doo, and loving friends who accompany the children in the dreamy world .

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