Fabric lining

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Fabric for lining pillows

Each fabric used to manufacture the lining is hypoallergenic and completely natural.

For pillows filled with goose-down, usually tightly-weft pure cotton twill is used, a fabric capable of retaining the feathers of the pillow thanks to a finish called rat-tail.

The madapolam is another fabric for a slip which is fresh and resistant, a cotton made with thin threads densely-knitted (linen framework), treated with eco-friendly products, making it protected against mites and anti-bacterial.

Gingham is used a lot for bedroom linens, since its compact filature ensures durability and resistance, in addition to being more breathable than other mixed-fiber fabrics.  The softness increases with each washing.

The choice of the fabric used in the construction of pillowcases is made according to the type of padding the cushions have, like plumage, or synthetics such as polyester or polyurethane.

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