Bed pillows

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Pillows for the bed loyal support for your dreams

Choosing the right pillows means knowing our night habits in bed, being aware of the position that we naturally take during our sleeping.

The thicker bed pillows are preferred if we like to rest on our sides, otherwise thin ones are more suitable if we sleep on our backs. In addition to the pose we have, also the material of the pillows is essential, identifying the most appropriate to our needs.

The memory cushions for example, are composed of a silhouette of polyurethane foam and are particularly suited for those who suffer from cervical, since this cushion takes the shape of the head as soon as you lie down and then resumes its normal appearance.

The special no-sufficating baby pillows are designed for children, they provide a solid supporting foam which is anti-bacterial and protects against mites.

All the pillows are hypoallergenic and breathable, either polyester or goose down, covered with madapolam liners, of pure cotton twill, to hold the feathers.

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