Queen size bed duvets

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Queen size bed duvets

Sharing the bed means meeting again everyday, being always there with the awareness of having something unique. Underneath our comforters you share the dreams' space and treat yourself to a refreshing rest, guaranteed by the quality of fabrics, the materials' hygiene and the attention to details that we put in every products.
Sleeping soundly will be a real pleasure for any couple looking for innovation and practicality: each duvet uses in fact the modern “Piu mio” system that allows you to:

  • choose the comforters' temperature level freely: with the four seasons duvets you could avoid changing sheets and blankets continuously;
  • stabilize the plumage easily inside the cover through buttonholes and hooks that facilitate the insertion of the duvet in its cover.

Available in goose down and hypoallergenic polyester, the queen size comforters succeed in satisfying different needs. 

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