Double bed duvets

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Double bed duvets spacious warmth

Comfort is a value to preserve, one of the primary aims regarding the sleep. If you are among those who love ample spaces and convenience, a double comforter represent the best and the easiest way to reach them. Excellent compromise between a lonely rest and a couple embrace, this duvet breaths with you, follows your needs and offers softness and calm.
You can personalize every duvet, whether it be single, double or queen-size, by choosing the one you like the most among different patterns, models and colors.
Besides the design, all our duvets offer practicality, by using for example the innovative “Piu Mio” system: thanks to the four seasons duvet, in fact, you will be free to choose the ideal padding for each moment of the year.

In this way, the independence finds new perspectives.  

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