Microfibre duvets

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Duvets made of microfibre an experience of absolute relax

Our microfibre duvets are synonymous with well-being, beauty, quality, incomparable softness and hygiene.
Finely manufactured, they will turn your nights into unforgettable experiences, by giving rested awakenings.
Made of hypoallergenic polyester, they are designed for single, double or full bed, and for cots. They also benefit from a natural Aloe Vera treatment, so that they can convey the healing, moisturizing and anti-aging properties that this wonderful plant owns.
Guaranteed by the "Oeko-Tex" certification, in compliance with the human health protection requirements, microfibre duvets undergo a thorough antifungal and antibacterial process.

Conceived to offer an extreme comfort, all our bed linens have the innovative "Più Mio" system.

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