Bed duvets

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Quilts a fluffy embrace

Warmth is a feeling to which none of us can renounce. The bed duvets by Gabel offer all the heath you need through a wide selection of bed linens perfected in all details and in which softness, ease and safety merge together.
Homage to “made in Italy”, our queen size and single bed duvets are suitable for any kind of necessity. Those who are looking for natural products will love to immerse themselves into goose down quilts. This material, coming from the North of Europe, is able to guarantee:

  •     Soft and breathable fabrics;
  • Constant comfort over time: the duvets padding structure facilitates an optimal feathers distribution, by ensuring longevity to your sleep;
  • Hygiene: the quilts are in fact sterilized and washed in accordance with the latest EU regulations.

Guaranteeing a good rest means also working on innovation: all bed duvets adopt the system "Piu Mio", a new concept that allows you to:

  •     Use all year long duvets made of hypoallergenic polyester or down, allowing you to eliminate sheets, quilts and duvets covers and to choose the ideal temperature;
  • Optimize the stability of the comforter inside the bag, thanks to buttonholes and two openings on the top that quicken the insertion of the quilt.

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