Bath towels

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Towels bath style and practicality at the beach

The bath towels are a must when you pack your luggage for summer vacations.  Lying in the sun, which caresses your skin during hot days, a towel, of terry-cloth or microfiber fabric, is a necessary accessory at the seaside and under the umbrella.

The bath towels in our beach collection have a variety of shades and processing, from cotton-sheared to jacquard, to satisfy the tastes of all the sunbathers.  The materials used for their production are free of allergic substances, and maintain their softness and bright hues even after prolonged use.

These towels are also useful for the gym and the pool, with quick drying and excellent resistance.

A line of beach towels is designed also for the children, with brilliant colors and prints of their favorite characters, such as Hello Kitty in one dedicated to the girls.

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