Bath towel sizes

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Bath towel available sizes

Bath towels by Gabel are proposed in different sizes, in order to offer you complete linen sets and to meet the entire range of your needs.
Bath towel, hand towel, wash and guest clothe: a selection of products presented in various lines and patterns, all well-refined from an aesthetic point of view, to enrich and decorate the style of your room, giving you an absolute experience of pleasure and freshness.
Made with resistant, long-lasting, quality and high-performance fabrics, they will also give you the ultimate in convenience and smoothness, by softening and simplifying your daily routine.

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  • The bath towels are a must when you pack your luggage for summer vacations. Lying in the sun, which caresses your skin during hot days, a towel, of terry-cloth
  • The rich assortment of towel sets represent thousand of ways to bring life to a bathroom, with a particular regard to the latest trends and to the tastes...
  • Choosing hand towels by Gabel means opting for a quality article, manufactured with hygienically-certified, durable, resistant, easy-to-wash, infinitely...
  • Gabel offers various types of guest towel, that can be coordinated with face, bath and hand towels, and with bath-mats and bathrobes. Manufactured with...