Embroidered towels

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Towels embroidered and decorated

The embroidered towels in our collection express an atmosphere of craftsmanship, producing terry-cloth strips with jacquard chisel.  The art of embroidery is an Italian passion which unites imagination and the love for the simple, genuine things of the house.

Choosing an embroidered bath ensemble means customizing your bathroom with high quality fabric, made with the best yarn, resistant and machine-washable, avoiding the risk of having bright, vibrant colors fade.  The sets of towels, enriched with embroidered details, represent a classic taste for decor, a reference to the traditional ways of bringing life to domestic environments, without sacrificing practicality and contemporary functionality.

The pure cotton-wool embroidered towels have become essential elements of bath linen, enunciating and accompanying the moments dedicated to the care of self, and to everyday well-being.

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