Cotton towels

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Towels cotton terry

Within our collection, cotton towels are dyed in many colors to meet different tastes, reflecting a lot of ways to bring life to domestic environments which are dedicated to intimate moments with oneself.

Embroidered or plain, simple or with jacquard chisel, terry towels represent a daily pampering, to start or end a day with a moment of relaxation.

The 100% pure cotton fabric ensures softness and resistance to wear, with the possibility of machine washing without loss of color.  This material is completely natural and has a higher absorbent capacity than blended fabrics.  For this reason, to choose a bath ensemble with cotton towels means prefering the quality of hydrophilic, soft-to-the-touch bath towels.

The terry towel sets are available in a wide range of shades and forms, including bath and guest towels, to satisfy personal needs and taste.

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