Bath towel fabric

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Bath towel select the fabric you prefer

Each bath towel by Gabel responds to a high-quality standards and has been manufactured with excellent-performance fabrics and well-selected fibers.
Choose the fabric that best suits you: available in cotton, microfiber, linen or terry, all our towels are breathable, soft, durable and able to ensure a long duration, even if subjected to frequent washing.
Hygienically guaranteed and realized dedicating an extreme attention to detail and finish, they are a precious bath item, aesthetically perfected and of great comfort. Capable of giving new meanings to your moments of daily well-being.

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  • Within our collection, cotton towels are dyed in many colors to meet different tastes, reflecting a lot of ways to bring life to domestic environments which are
  • Linen towels come from an ancient tradition and are still used for the softness and the absorbing quality of the fiber.

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  • Honeycomb towels are highly appreciated for their lightweight texture and practicality. The framework, of which they are built, allows fast drying and makes th
  • The line of terry towels offers a vast assortment of colors and sizes, from embroidered towels to sheared cotton, with sets that include facecloths, bath and gu
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