Solid color towel sets

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Solid color towel a touch of brightness

Our rich collection of solid color towel sets reflects the colors of the rainbow, by offering a wide range of monochromatic shades in order to suit all your needs.
The solid color sets include a bath, a hand and a guest towel. Each of them is made with a 100% absorbent cotton fiber terry and is designed not to lose its softness even after a prolonged use.
Each bathroom has a personal style, expresses the atmosphere of the interior of the house and is a place dedicated to relaxation and self-care. Exactly for this reason, it is important to carefully choose the bath linen items, starting with towels and bathrobe to finish with all the other accessories that complete the look of the room, contributing to make it cozy.
Free your imagination and paint it in bright and delicate hues, choosing the article that best reveals your mood and your personality.

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