Beach towels

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Towels for the beach many colors of summer

Beach towels

are colorful and cheerful accessories for when you’re being caressed by the sun’s rays on the hot days spent on the shore.

In our collection of comfortable beach and bath towels, there are brilliant shades and jacquard processing, prints and solid tints, on hypoallergenic cotton wool.   Available in various sizes and materials, from terry-cloth to the special microfiber fabric, there are also ones created for children, with the beloved Hello Kitty print for girls.

For those who have little space in their luggage, the microfiber beach towels are ideal due to their reduced volume and weight. They also have an amazing drying speed, and maintain the same softness and practicality as the cotton towels.

Designed to let you enjoy the comfort during the hours of sunbathing, these towels are soft accessories which are easy to machine wash, without the risk of losing the vibrant hues that characterize them.

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