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Bathroom Mats
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Bath mats features innovative solutions

A bath mat by Gabel is a quality product that presents various features, to give you always the best.
The anti-slip system, for example, guarantees extreme functionality and safety.
Available in different sizes and lines, our bath mats are also proposed in a wide palette of colors and a large variety of motifs and patterns.
Great attention to detail, convenience and comfort are the main features of these bath linen items. Easy to wash and hygienically guaranteed, our shower mats are made of a highly-resistant and infinitely soft fabric.
They can be combined with other linen articles, to compose matching sets.

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  • Small anti-slip bathroom mats complete the decor of the bathroom, an accessory placed at will outside of the shower or under the sink, allowing you to rest your
  • A bath mat is essential within a bathroom. After a moment of relaxation in the bath, feet deserve to laid on a soft, comfortable and, above all, anti-slip...