Men bathrobe

Bath Robe
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Bathrobe men home and leisure

The men bathrobe line possesses the characteristics of practicality and simplicity, giving more time for the care of oneself and for fun, rather than household chores.

Each bathrobe (men) is made from soft and resistant terry, easy to wash without the risk of making bright colors opaque.  Conveniently machine washable, all the models are customized with jacquard embroidery or with multiple shades of solid color which coordinate with the complete bath sets.

When you do sports or go to the gym, there is nothing more practical than a bathrobe or a microfiber towel, refoldable in its own travel bag and equipped with a surprising drying speed.

In the moments of relaxation, it is pleasant to surrender to the embrace of a 100% cotton bathrobe, with a belt and hood, a gentle and relaxing massage on your skin.

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