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Bathrobe sizes choose pleasure

Bathrobes by Gabel are offered in various lines and sizes, in order to meet all your possible needs.
For women, men and children, they are available in different sizes, so that you can surely find the perfect wearability, for the utmost relaxation.
Fluffy and soft, each of our bathrobe - as all the other bath linen items - is manufactured using high-quality fabrics, to ensure a elevated level of hygiene and resistance, but without never neglecting the comfort.
Designed to protect our most intimate moments and expressly conceived for your well-being.

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  • A bathrobe is a sweet embrace in moments of well-being, in those stolen daily minutes which we dedicate to our physical and mental care.

    The women’s bathrobe c
  • The men’s bathrobe line possesses the characteristics of practicality and simplicity, giving more time for the care of oneself and for fun, rather than househol