Space bathrobe

Bath Robe
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Bathrobe space comfortable and practical

A space bathrobe, made with microfiber, is ideal for saving space in your luggage and for quickly drying yourself after the gym.

Produced with a hypoallergenic and lightweight material, a microfiber bathrobe is a indispenable garment for sport-lovers, and an intelligent aid to those who take their own bath linen on vacations.

Compared to a normal terry bathrobe, the size and the weight of the space bathrobe is reduced, and therefore it is traveller-friendly.  The presence of a hood, belt and side-pockets, are convenient and functional details which make the space bathrobes particularly versatile, useful on trips and in everyday life.

Available in a wide range of assorted colors, they maintain the softness and comfort of the cotton, and they have an amazing capacity for absorbing water and to dry fast. Try it to believe it!

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