Microfiber bathrobe

Bath Robe
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Bathrobe in microfiber praticality and lightness

A microfiber bathrobe called “space” has a reduced size and an absorption capacity far greater than normal cotton terry bathrobes, thanks to a soft and resistant material treated with eco-friendly products which don’t pose a health hazard.

Available in assorted colors in combination with the towels in our collection, a space bathrobe is a useful accessory for the house and the gym, it drys quickly and takes up little space in your bag and bath linen closet.  This type of bathrobe is for women, men and children, with a wide choice of models finished with a belt attached to the back, a hood and side pockets.

Traveling today with small luggage, always creates some difficulity when deciding what to take with you on vacation, for this reason the microfiber bathrobe is an excellent solution because of its quick drying and its light weight.

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