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Bath Robe
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Solid color bathrobes soft companions

A comfortable bathrobe can easily turn into a terry cloth that sweetly wraps you just after the shower, or in a practical accessory to take with you to the gym and on vacation.
A wide assortment of colors, sizes and models allows you to choose the product that best suits you, giving you also the possibility to match it with the rest of the items of the bath linens, such as towels and bath-mats.
Solid color men linen by Gabel is made of natural fiber or in microfibre, to meet all your possible needs. Thanks to their high-speed drying and their extreme lightness, solid color bathrobes made of synthetic fibers are particularly suitable to be taken on a trip.
For moments of relaxation after a long day of work, there is nothing better than enveloping yourself in a fluffy cotton embrace.

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