Bath robe

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Bath robes soft moments of relaxation

Being enveloped by the warm embrace of a microfiber bath robe is a special moment that we can experience every day, after a refreshing shower in the hours dedicated to well-being.

The colors and shades of the linen are important for defining the style of the bathroom and personalizing it, for this reason we offer a wide selection to match with the towel sets.

In our collection you can find a microfiber robe, of 100% cotton terry or yarn-dyed jacquard, resistant to wear and comfortable to use thanks to the softness of the fabric.   Their color maintains their vibrancy even after frequent washing.

Each robe is a personal and intimate object, an element of the set carefully chosen according to your taste: made with honeycomb reinforcement for those who love the elegance, or enriched with chiseled embroidered details, a robe is the accessory which pampers and wraps us in the final minutes given to ourselves.

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